The True Spirit of Christmas

December 12, 2019

Gerardo, in the yellow shirt, and his family.

My name is Gerardo. I have a happy family, with a loving wife and five God-fearing sons in Quezan City, Philippines.

I work as a jeepney (public transportation) driver as our primary source of living. I used to be a drunkard, and had many vices, including gambling. This is a kind of living in our area if you are friends with the wrong people.

Of course, it’s hard for a man to quit his vices, especially if he is surrounded by friends and fellow jeepney drivers who do the same. I drank with my comrades on many occasions, including Christmas, which is the grandest feast in the Philippines. In our country, alcohol is a big part of the Christmas Eve celebration. After that, we go home straight to bed until morning, because we are all drunk. And for us, that’s the spirit of Christmas.

That day, I realized that it’s about time I decided about my life. I turned away from my old habit and joined my family every Sunday in church. My sons have become my inspiration to change, and I have the full support of my loving wife. A few months ago, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I feel a big difference in our family. We are happier than before.

I praise God. Since I turned away from my old ways, God has really changed our family. Thank you, Bible League International, for the Bible that you gave me. It’s in our Tagalog language and is easy to understand. I am planning to share the Word of God with my friends, and especially with my cousin. I am inviting him to join us in church every Sunday. I want my friends to experience the same joy that the Lord gave me.

December is coming, and this time, I will celebrate Christmas with a new spirit. It won’t be with alcohol,
but with the Spirit of the Lord, which is the true spirit of Christmas. It is more joyful and meaningful to celebrate this season with my family now that we all believe in Jesus.

God willing, it would be fitting for me to be baptized this December so that the Christmas season will become even more significant to me. It will become the day we celebrate the coming of Jesus and the day I will celebrate my spiritual birthday every year.

One of the gifts we got from God on that first Christmas morning is the privilege to cast all our burdens to Him as one of His children. He who began the good work in me will be faithful to complete it.

Thank you for your gift!

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