Trained to Share the Gospel

A Sunday School Teacher in Zimbabwe uses Bible League Materials

July 27, 2020

Yvonne in Zimbabwe.

Yvonne was born into a Christian family in Zimbabwe, but she and her family were never serious about their faith. “It was hard for us to lead a godly life,” she says. “We followed the traditions of our fathers and culture at the expense of the Word.” She attended church, but she wasn’t convinced that God was the only, almighty God.

“I can safely say we were two-faced,” she says. “We never believed that only one God was enough to take care of everything under the sun. At church, we would still practice ancestral worshipping. Our life in the village was all I was ever exposed to, and that was the best it was.”

Yvonne’s pastor introduced Project Philip Bible studies into their church and encouraged all leaders to attend the training program. “I was excited to participate in Project Philip,” she says. “At church, I am a Sunday school teacher but never had any training.”

Yvonne was introduced to different resources available for adults, youth, and Sunday school ministries. But the program did much more than improve her teaching. “The programs encouraged me to read the Word of God because as a leader, I should grow spiritually,” she says. “The materials are very useful; they have helped me teach the kids the Word of God rather than just singing songs like I used to.”

Participating in the programs has also ignited the desire to evangelize. “The Scriptures in the booklets encouraged us to pray and share the Word of God with different people to fulfill the commission Jesus gave us,” she says.

Project Philip has changed Yvonne, her class, and her students. “I look forward to meeting the Sunday school children because I now have the resources. The children are motivated to study because they know they will receive their personal copy of the Illustrated Children’s Bible,” she says. “Project Philip enabled me to be drawn to the love and grace of God. Now, I am able to read and study the Bible on my own. My understanding of being a Christian has totally changed.”

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