United in Prayer

Philippine National Police praying through crisis

April 17, 2020

Philippine National Police are on the frontlines of the pandemic.

As of writing this story, we were already on the seventh day of enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines. Everyone is keeping themselves busy on social media. People are looking for updates from their friends and families on Facebook, which is the number one social media channel in the Philippines, and I’m no different from them.

As I was browsing Facebook, I stumbled upon a post from someone that has no connection to me. I saw a very heartwarming photo of our frontliners. These are the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP), praying together with a very familiar-looking and distinguishable Bible from Bible League Philippines (Bible League International’s local partner).

Philippine National Police praying over Bible League International Bible.

I reached out to the person who posted the photo, and we began talking through Facebook chat. His name is Lieutenant Jojo Paguia, and he is from San Jose, Mindoro Occidental. He and his five siblings are all members of the Philippine National Police Force. The PNP is on the frontlines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lieutenant Paguia told me that someone provided Bibles to the police station. They are so thankful because these Bibles have united all the members of the PNP in San Jose as they read and pray together.

He explained the photo on Facebook to me more. It is a photo of the officers of 401st Maneuver Company (MC), Regional Mobile Force Battalion 4, (RMFB4). The group is praying as they thank God for the Bibles that they received through one of our partners in the area.

I am happy to find out that the Bible in front of them is one of the Bibles donated by Pastor Carlos (the Bible League Philippines’ chairman of the board) to one of our local partners in Camp Belarmino where Lieutenant Jojo Paguia was assigned during the enhance community quarantine. The partner donated the Bible to the PNP.

Isn't it amazing that the current crisis is bringing all the religions and different Christian denominations to stand together as one to pray to the one true God and study His Word? The group prayed in Filipino, here is the translation:

Father, we never forget You in times like these. We are wholeheartedly and humbly bowing before You. Please heal our land, heal all the people in the world.

We consider ourselves sinners, and we are asking for forgiveness. Cleanse our hearts, cleanse our souls. Amidst the situation, we can do nothing if we don't put our trust and faith in You. We are confident that You will never forsake us. Amen!

Story by Romi Barcena, Communications Specialist in the Philippines

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