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Bible study changes woman's life

May 11, 2020

Sharon receiving her new Bible.

“Sharon is my name,” says a 22-year-old woman from Zimbabwe. Sharing about her upbringing, she reveals, “My father was a doctor and my mother was a teacher. Unfortunately, my father died of diabetes when I was two years old. This left my mother as a single parent with two kids. We attend a Methodist church and our pastor informed us about Project Philip Bible study lessons. I decided to join the program. Ever since then, I have been attending the Bible study with my friend.”

She was delighted when she saw how relatable the lessons were. She beams, “Participating in the lessons helped me to grow as a Christian. The lessons teach the real-life situations we encounter every day. One topic was called 'What Do You Want?'. It touched me a lot. I learned that what we want is not what God wants from us. These materials helped me in studying the Word of God and now, I own my personal copy of the Bible that I can read anytime. And the materials are written in simple English so that anyone can easily understand the teachings.”

Sharon now encourages everyone to read the Word of God regularly. She says, “I feel the urge to share the Gospel with my peers. I have learned the power of prayer. Project Philip helped me to learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I will also continue to read the Gospel of Jesus Christ and put in practice what I have learned! Thank you for this provision of materials for us to study the Bible. This was a great opportunity in my life as a Christian. Please continue to do good works, and may God bless you all.”

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