Young Faith

Valentina learns about Jesus

September 17, 2019

Her colorful outfit matches her vibrant personality. A denim dress with pink tights. Gold earrings, beaded bracelets, and a beautiful orange ring. The look was topped off with a sweet smile and eager demeanor.

Sweet Valentina is a well-spoken six-year-old who loves the Lord as much as any mature Christian.

“We are all God’s creation and it does not matter how we look because He loves us as we are,” she says. “After all, He created us as we are!”

Valentina lives in a small apartment in Bogotá with her parents and two-year-old sister. Her father is a delivery truck driver and her mother manages a small retail store, leaving the two girls with their grandmother while they work. Every two weeks, Valentina and her sister visit their aunt who takes them to church.

“I like my home because my sister and I enjoy living with our parents,” she says. “But I love to visit my aunt because she takes us to church and we learn about the love of God there!”

At the home church where her aunt attends, Valentina is one of 16 children studying God’s Word through a Project Philip Bible study.

Valentina pictured with her pastors.

“I am studying the Discovery booklet series from Bible League,” she says. “Through the booklet, I learned the Lord loves me as I am because he created me.”

The study has transformed her life, even at such a young age.

“I learned I must respect and take good care of my parents because they do a lot for me to have a home and be able to study in school,” she says.

She pauses, collecting her thoughts, then speaks with surprising wisdom from such a young child.

“I know that God sent His son to die for my sins, and I have accepted him into my heart,” she says. “I want him to guide my life, and I pray for my parents to get to know the Lord and to go to church with me. God wants to save them just as he saved me.”

Project Philip is a Bible study program that trains local church members in evangelism and discipleship. Inspired by the story of Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts 8, these Bible studies are the heart of Bible League’s ministry. Lessons are written for different age groups and multiple languages to help spread the Gospel to people across the world.

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