Young Man with Mature Faith

Boy from Zimbabwe grows in his faith

May 4, 2020

Stanley receiving his new Bible.

Ten-year-old Stanley was raised in a Christian family in Zimbabwe. He and his family attend church regularly, and his parents encourage him and his siblings to pray in every situation.

Stanley is a member of his Sunday School team at his church, where they introduced Project Philip Bible studies. He recently completed the Friends Forever study and received a new Bible. “It is big and full of pictures. I love it,” he says. “I now read the Bible anytime I feel like it. When I go to bed, I put it under my pillow.”

Through this Project Philip Bible study for children, Stanley accepted Jesus as his Savior. “Participating in the Bible study enlightened me that I should give my life to Christ,” he says. “Before, I never thought it was important because I was raised in a Christian family. Now, whatever I do, I put my trust in the Lord and He will make a way for me.”

Stanley explains how the Bible study has helped him learn to engage in the Word. “I have learned to memorize a verse once a month. The Holy Spirit will use what we have memorized when we need it most, for example, to teach other kids at school,” he says. “I will continue to read my Bible and learn more about the Word of God.”

Because of his progress in the Project Philip Bible study, Stanley was named class monitor, a student who is chosen by the teacher and other students to maintain order in the classroom when the teacher is not present.

Stanley is forever grateful for the materials that have changed his life. “Thank you, Bible League. I now understand the love of God to humans, and the purpose we were created: to worship the Lord and preach the Gospel.”

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