Youth Finds Hope in Christ

Like many adolescents, Anzhela was a very rebellious teenager. Born and raised in Armenia's Kotayq region, in a small village called Zoravan, she had early roots in the church. But she says she lost her faith as she got older. "My parents were true Christians," she explains. "As for me, I was never very serious about being a Christian. In fact, when I faced difficulties in life, I blamed God for them."

By the time she was 23, Anzhela had developed many bad habits. She was becoming more difficult and combative, and her family became more and more concerned about her. "I liked to offend people, and my parents were very worried about the way I was acting," she says. "I even resented it when our pastor came over. I never wanted to listen to him." One day, however, she decided to.

"Pastor Vardan invited me to a special youth Bible study called Project Philip," she shares. "At first, I didn't want to accept his invitation, but when I thought more about it, I decided to give it a chance. There were a lot of people my age there. It was wonderful to see them studying topics from the Word of God together. They gave me a booklet that talked about the 10 Commandments."

Anzhela started talking to Pastor Vardan more. "I told him about my behavior issues, and he told me Jesus could help me," she recalls. "I asked him to pray for me, and when he did, I felt the presence of Jesus. He gave me peace. I immediately felt deliverance and freedom. Even my parents can testify that my life has changed. I am so grateful for Project Philip Bible studies for youth!"

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