Francine After Receiving Her Bible & CertificateBefore 26-year-old Francine discovered salvation in Jesus Christ, she was living a double life in Gitega, Burundi. She notes, “People regarded me as a good person, but in my private life, it was very different. In other words, I was a hypocrite.”

She would go out drinking and slept with men for money. Francine lived with her sister’s family at the time and Francine’s behavior was destroying the family. But when the young woman began studying a Bible League Project Philip Bible study, her eyes opened.

She says, “The second lesson of the booklet helped me. I learned sin could be secret, but its consequences affect many people. I decided to change the way I was living and follow Jesus.”

Unfortunately, her family wasn’t very receptive to her new faith. They became hostile. Francine felt like no one understood her. “They hit me and kicked me out of the family because I was the first in my family who decided to follow Jesus,” she explains.

Even still, Francine has a strong desire to grow her faith in Christ and to be a good example to her generation. Now, she loves reading the French Bible she received through the Project Philip Bible study.

Please pray for Francine to grow strong in her faith. Pray also for the Lord to change her family. She notes, “Since I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior, my family continues to persecute me. But some of my family is beginning to trust me and ask me for advice.”

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