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Happy, a 17-year-old father of one from Malawi, lived a miserable life before knowing Christ.

Smoking and drinking alcohol were part of his daily life.

He grew up in the Islamic faith, and though his Christian friends invited him to church, he turned them down.

He accepted an invitation from a friend to join Project Philip Bible studies.

“Someone testified to the group how the Lord transformed his life with the same issues as mine. I realized this was God’s calling to save my life, and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior,” he says.

The Gospel of John 3:16 led Happy to a new relationship with Jesus.

His community, being a Muslim stronghold, made confessing Jesus a risk. His family members did not welcome his new life in Christ either. With a lack of support, Happy continued to make sinful choices, and he became a single father at age 17.

Since joining Project Philip Bible studies, Happy has realized the need to tell others about Jesus.

He says, “Though we have finished our lessons in the So Choose Life booklet, I am yearning to form more Bible study groups.”

Happy thanks Bible League for the wonderful gift of God’s Word.

He admits it has changed him spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Now, he confesses love where there is hatred and hope for the hopeless.

His prayer is that God may continue using him to fulfill His excellent plan for his life.

He adds, “My family has now changed and found a new life in Christ Jesus.”

With the significant impact he gained from the Project Philip program, he plans to reach more lost souls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He plans to reach his extended family members and the entire community