Nepal CropFor over a decade, Pancharam, 41, has stood as a guiding light in Far West Nepal, leading a church that has become a beacon of hope in a predominantly Hindu village. His story is one of transformation, a testament to the life-changing power of the Gospel.

Pancharam’s life took a profound turn when a missionary shared a message from the Bible. “That touched my heart, and I decided to follow Jesus and join a church. I learned more about Christ from the pastor that day, which made me very happy. I gradually learned about Christ, and later I accepted Christ and was baptized,” Pancharam recalls, reflecting on his remarkable journey from a devoted Hindu to a follower of Christ.

In a village where about 5,000 people follow Hinduism and the caste system is still in place, Pancharam’s commitment to spreading the Gospel remains unshaken. Undeterred by challenges, he shares the message of hope and Christ’s love with his community, the message that once ignited his faith.

The church is more than a place of worship within a landscape defined by mud houses and thatched roofs; it’s a center of community life. His wife tends to livestock, nurtures crops, and cares for their two young children. Their daughter, Urmila, stands as a symbol of the next generation’s impact. Through her Bible-based literacy classes, Urmila equips young students with knowledge that extends beyond the classroom. “The Holy Bibles and booklets have been a great help for me to get equipped and teach these children,” she attests.

Pastor Pancharam acknowledges the challenges of deep-rooted religious practices that hinder believers from fully embracing Christ. “I think they must have a strong understanding of God’s Word,” he asserts.

Empowered by training from the Bible League, Pastor Pancharam encourages the villagers to embrace God’s Word over man-made traditions. His earnest prayer is to share his acquired teachings, passing on biblical truths to others. “I pray that I can spread the teaching I have learned from Bible League. I want to thank everyone for giving me such wonderful training and helping me learn,” he conveys.

In this picturesque Nepali village, Pastor Pancharam’s story echoes far beyond the village, speaking of the potential of the Gospel to transcend barriers and change lives.