Filipinas Lola, an 87-year-old widow from the Philippines, found her life’s purpose in an unexpected place. “We built an orphanage here in Calauan, and we call it Pinagpala Children’s Home Garden,” she says, drawing inspiration from Psalm 41.

Born into a Catholic family, Lola’s understanding of faith was profoundly influenced by her upbringing. “I was so afraid to miss my regular rituals because I was scared to go to hell,” she recalls. Unmarried and pregnant, she fled from her family in shame, only to discover a life-transforming message on Christian radio.

“That same night, I prayed to God for forgiveness and salvation. I cried so hard because right then and there, I felt the love of the Lord. I was filled with joy; I jumped and danced because I knew I was forgiven, and God accepted me for who I am,” says Lola.

After acquiring her first Bible, Lola’s spiritual journey flourished, especially after connecting with Bible League International. “I am so thankful that I’ve connected with the Bible League through my daughter Joy,” she adds. The training further equipped her to spread God’s Word. “I can really feel that God speaks to me through the Bible. That’s why our community must have one, so they can also listen and learn more about the love of God.”

Lola didn’t just keep her newfound faith to herself. She began teaching Bible studies at the Children’s Home, the orphanage she helped build. “And thanks to Bible League, these children are now conducting Bible studies in remote areas,” she notes. She is actively mentoring young minds at the orphanage, including Kacy, a young girl with a heart for children. “God was preparing her all along when I was teaching them,” Lola marvels.

After participating in online Project Philip training, Lola felt empowered. “Thank you, Bible League, for showing us that you don’t necessarily need to get a higher education to study and teach the Bible. I treat these young people as my grandchildren,” she said, filled with gratitude for the work God enabled her to do.

Today, Lola is focused on leaving a spiritual legacy. As she looks forward to life beyond, she is secure in her faith. “As I age, my prayer is to transfer my soul from my room here to the room He prepared for me in His mansion,” she says. Her eyes are set firmly on the eternal prize as she asks for prayers for strength in what she calls her ‘bonus years’ from the Lord.