Alfabetização baseada na Bíblia
um programa da liga bíblica
Transforming lives through Literacy

Woman holding a bookProviding access to the Bible through literacy or learning another language offers another opportunity to transform lives by the power of God’s Word. Bible-based Literacy is currently provided in these languages—Arabic, Bengali, English, French, Haitian Creole, Hindi, and Spanish.

Poverty, persecution, and/or prejudice often deny people an education, leaving many illiterate. Bible-based Literacy gives them the opportunity to learn basic reading and writing skills while making a powerful impact in people’s lives—both personally and spiritually. Lives are transformed through learning and trusting the Gospel, and new opportunities for evangelism arise naturally from the excitement of learning to read God’s Word. Knowing how to read and write can often lead to better economic opportunities. Bible-based Literacy also opens doors to the Gospel to people who might otherwise not be reached, including those living in closed or restricted countries or individuals who might otherwise oppose God’s Word.

Bible-based Literacy News
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História do Ministério
2 February 2024
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