Episódio 13v2

God did not intend for His Word to be difficult.  But the Good News is hard to understand for many of the people we serve.  They are among the poorest and least educated in the world, often living in remote villages or under‐developed urban centers.  Many have never known or even heard of Jesus Christ.  These are the people who need the hope of the Gospel, who need to understand God’s love for them, so that they can believe.  That is why Bible League International’s easy‐to‐read Bible translations, written in everyday language, are so important.   Join host Michael Woolworth and his guests, Brian McLemore, Alex Oliveros and Dr. Yancy Smith, in this 20-minute Action Podcast to learn how Bible League’s Translation Services are making the Bible accessible around the world.  Part 2 of a two-part podcast series.

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