Reginaldo (à esquerda) a receber uma Bíblia do Pastor Jaime, o Diretor Nacional.Reginaldo (left), 32, grew up in Mozambique’s Gaza province. He faced a tough childhood lacking basic needs and formal education. “There were no schools for us to learn; the main activity was agriculture and shepherding. We learned how to count our sheep in our local idioms because we could not speak Portuguese,” he says.

He attended school to learn to read. During that time, he gave his life to Christ. He participated in his local church and gained spiritual growth. Though he couldn’t continue the classes, Reginaldo developed an interest in having a good relationship with God. He began reading the Bible regularly. He learned from Jesus in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father, but only through me.”

This verse helped his desire to connect with God. He says, “I attended Project Philip classes and received a Bible after concluding my studies. I am impressed with the content I studied in the booklet.” Reginaldo has learned that Bible League is here to meet and equip the needy. He’s interested in being more equipped with the program.

Reginaldo desires to return to his community to equip and share the Good News with them. “I am grateful to the Bible League International for their unconditional support!”