India Pp Mi CropPastor Sahu grew up in a Hindu family, deeply committed to worshiping various gods and goddesses. “From my earliest days, I worshipped the Hindu gods and goddesses and read all the Hindu scriptures I could lay my hands on,” he remembers.  Despite his devotion, he felt an emptiness and negativity that he couldn’t escape.

His faith reached a breaking point when his older brother fell severely ill. “Despite our efforts, my brother’s health worsened. We performed rituals, hoping for a miracle, but it was all in vain. This marked the beginning of a crisis in my faith,” Pastor Sahu candidly shares.

During this period, he came across a Gospel tract. As he explored the New Testament, he felt a profound change. “I read the tract about Yesu Masih or Jesus Christ, raising people from the dead, feeding the hungry, and calming the storm,” he says. Through the pages of the Bible, he found true peace and began believing in Jesus Christ.

Embracing this new path was strongly opposed by his family and community. “My family, friends, and community were deeply rooted in Hindu traditions,” he says. “My decision to follow Christ was met with resistance.” However, Pastor Sahu was resolute, knowing his newfound faith was guiding him in the right direction.

As Pastor Sahu immersed himself in the Bible, his faith grew stronger. “I read, studied, and sought to understand the Scriptures. I found solace, wisdom, and an unshakeable connection with God,” he affirms.

The pastor’s calling became clear. He realized many were trapped in blind faith and needed to encounter the truth. His purpose was to lead them to the light of Christ.

Firmly grounded in Scripture, Pastor Sahu embraced challenges as opportunities for growth. “Times of persecution and trouble are essential for growth. Had I not experienced persecution, I would not have become a pastor. I would have taken some other job. I would not have grown spiritually,” he insists.

The transformation extended to his family. His once estranged family witnessed the change in his life and eventually embraced his faith. Relationships were restored, and even Pastor Sahu’s share in the ancestral property was reinstated.

Today, Pastor Sahu facilitates small group Bible studies. “We had this program in our church, which encouraged the believers. Everyone received a Bible free of cost. We also had this program in another church, and the people there were blessed,” he says.

Pastor Sahu’s dedication to Scripture, his commitment to discipleship, and his passion for sharing the Gospel have resonated far beyond his immediate community. His family, now united in purpose, is a living testimony to the life-changing impact of faith rooted in the Word of God.