Woman freed from Animism

Ministry Impact Feb 1 Bangi

Bangi is a 58-year-old church worker. She earns a living by planting palm and vegetable oils in a remote area of Bintulu, a coastal town on the island of Borneo in Malaysia. She has three children.

Similar to the indigenous people of Bintulu, Bangi was raised as an Animist and had superstitious beliefs that impeded her advancement in her day-to-day activities. If she saw a black cat or a snake on her way to work at the farm, she knew she should not go because superstitious people believe that it will bring her bad luck.

One day, a local pastor and Bible League trained Bible study leader visited her community to share God’s Word. Before that time, Bangi had never heard about Jesus or His teachings. However, after she and her husband listened to the Word of God through Bible study, she became fascinated by His love and the miracles He performed.

After their experience with Jesus, Ulok, Bangi’s spouse, fell ill. He would frequently pass out without warning. Local doctors could not explain the illness. Bangi and Ulok sought advice from a shaman, a local tribal healer. The shaman attempted to cast a spell on her spouse, but it was unsuccessful. The shaman blamed the Christians who visited.

Bangi rememberd the Bible study where she learned that Jesus is a healer and that He can work miracles. She prayed, and the Lord fully healed her husband after she asked the pastor to pray for him. In awe of the miracle, Bangi and Ulok received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. “From this day onwards, me and my husband will serve the Lord,” Bangi declared.

Bangi was one of the recipients of the first batch of Bibles distributed in the community. She was so thirsty for God’s Word, and she reads it day and night. She would love to learn more and share the Word with others. “If I know how to teach the Bible, I will teach it to my community,” she says. Bangi is excited for their pastor’s Bible study training using Bible League’s small group Bible study program, which will take place in their church soon.

According to Bangi, reading the Bible is necessary for Christians to grow in their faith. She hopes that one day, every member of the community will own a Bible that they can read every day.In their town, their pastor has started a Bible-based Literacy program and Bangi enjoyed learning the English language. When asked, she remarked in jest, “Next time you interview me, I will never need a translator anymore.”

It’s incredible to witness how the Bible can transform lives and lead people to the tender embrace of Jesus. Bangi is now released from her old belief preventing her from moving forward in life. Jesus truly sets her free.