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When Sergey was born 72 years ago, Armenia was a part of the Soviet Union.

While growing up, all Sergey heard was atheistic propaganda. “No one ever told me about God,” he says.

The spiritual emptiness he experienced badly affected Sergey’s life. “For many years, I’ve been living as a sinner,” he notes. “As a teenager, I developed a heavy smoking addiction. I smoked so much that it caused health problems.”

As he grew older, the political situation of his homeland made things worse. Long years of warfare and tension followed Armenia’s independence.

Sergey became a bitter, hopeless man.

Meanwhile, Sergey’s son had started attending the local Baptist Church, and he often invited his dad to come with him.

Although Sergey wasn’t interested in hearing about Jesus, he thought the church could maybe help him quit smoking. So, one day, he went to church with his son.

“I liked the service,” Sergey recalls. “It made me think about my life and what would happen to me when I died.”

Sergey didn’t decide to follow the Lord, though.

Sergey volunteered to help out with small jobs in and around the church. One evening, he replaced the security servant. While he was alone in the building, a terrible pain hit him.

“The ulcer I had in my stomach burst open, and I was bleeding,” he recalls. “I was alone and couldn’t do anything but cry out to the Lord.

I promised Him to devote myself to Him if He would keep me alive. Amazingly, God answered my prayers and stopped the bleeding.

He delivered me from death, and I’ve been free from that ulcer ever since.”

Mindful of his promise to the Lord, Sergey joined a Project Philip Bible study group and submitted his life to Christ.

In the summer of 2023, he underwent water baptism. “I experienced God’s hand in my life,” he beams. “I am a blessed man!”

During the Bible study course, Sergey also was delivered from his smoking habit. “It was another miracle,” he says. “The Lord freed me.”

Now, Sergey desires to reach out with the Gospel to people of his age.

“Like me, they were born in the Soviet Union and grew up in a strict communist, atheist environment,” he explains. “My heart aches when I see them reach the end of their lives without knowing the Lord.

They need salvation, too!”