1. Cultura tailandesa (23)Phikun grew up in a devout Buddhist family in Thailand. She studied in a Christian school, which pointed her young mind towards the Bible. “When I was in high school, I was troubled as I didn’t have money,” she recalls. However, she unexpectedly received a scholarship and could continue her studies. Her faith in God grew as she found God providing for her needs almost miraculously. “I realized that all along, it was Jesus giving me all these blessings,” she admits.

She eventually married Amphon, who was a Buddhist. She regretted that after being married to him for a long time, she never had attempted to introduce Jesus to him. That thought troubled her, but God provided her with an opportunity to do so.

Using Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies, Phikun’s church organized an evangelistic outreach, visiting every house and sharing the Gospel throughout the village. Phikun insisted that an outreach team visit her home and share the Gospel with her husband, Amphon, who was suffering from an illness. They prayed that God would heal him. God worked in his heart, and he received Jesus in his life. Phikun was overjoyed. “I almost cried when I realized my mistake of almost losing my husband’s soul. Thank God that He provided the right opportunity for us to share the Gospel with my husband. Right after he accepted Jesus, Jesus did not just heal his soul, but also healed his physical illness,” she beams.

Today, they serve the Lord together as they share God’s Word among fellow Buddhists. She observes, “I’ve learned a valuable lesson. God has been good to us all these times, but we took Him for granted. Praise God that we can fulfill His mission in our lives.”

After Amphon’s conversion to Christ, he and Phikun began receiving flak from her relatives and neighbors. “We almost became outcasts in our own family. We never regret our decision to offer our lives fully to the Lord. Through Project Philip Bible studies, I will reach out to those oppressing us. People need to know that God is good, and they must realize He truly is.”