Vianney With His Certificate And BibleVianney, 27, is a student in Gitega, Burundi. He lacked a spiritual foundation because he grew up with alcoholic parents who did not believe. Consequently, they tried to recruit him to alcoholism, but he refused and continued his studies.

One day, his friends took him to Bible studies at his college, and he became interested. “A trained study leader explained God’s Word using Reaching Towards the Goal book in Kirundi. I got convinced and decided to attend the studies to the end,” he says.

Attending the studies led him to join a local church to serve the Lord. When his parents learned that he had received Christ as his Savior, they began persecuting him. They stopped supporting him financially, but the trained study leaders and congregants encouraged and supported him.

After the studies, Vianney was excited to receive a free Kirundi Bible. “I enjoy reading it, and it’s helping me grow spiritually.” He got baptized and is grateful to the Bible League for the excellent work. He says, “If Bible League had not come, I do not see how I would have obtained a Bible. May God bless you all.”

Vianney believes that one day, Jesus will change his parents’ minds. They have witnessed his determination to follow Jesus despite their lack of support. He hopes that very soon, they will receive Jesus as their Savior.