Eric In Prison With His Booklet And BibleEric, 38, grew up in a non-religious family in Kenya. “We never attended church as my single parent fended for us,” he says. He led a reckless life abusing alcohol. “I neglected my family as I couldn’t afford them and my habit. They left me, and I got lured into pornography. While drinking, I lost control and raped a lady visiting me. I was arrested, convicted of rape, and sentenced to 20 years.”

Life in prison is chaotic. Eric is living without freedom. He’s got a poor diet, he misses his family, and he’s surrounded by bad people. But he has learned gratitude. “Everything happens for a reason,” he says. “Despite the current hardship, God is with me and has a good plan. He’s aware of my circumstance and will intervene.”

Eric learned to forgive himself and others and respect his body as a temple, relying on God always. Freedom means living positively with God and humanity. “Project Philip Bible studies were amazing; I gained knowledge of Scripture without being judged. The booklet content grew a hunger to know the truth.”

John 3:16 drew Eric closer to Christ, showing why Jesus came to the world, “to save a wretched man like me,” he says. The stories of Joseph, Paul, Peter, and Silas inspired him. Eric has faced discrimination from his friends and family because of his salvation.

“My loving wife didn’t desert me, she is God-fearing and used to ask me to get saved, but I couldn’t because of my bad deeds,” he says. “Some relatives were happy, but others did not believe my conversion story. I pray that He will reveal this to them.”

Eric has joined a prison church and formed a class for inmates to study the Bible with the chaplain. The inmates have responded positively to his newfound faith, witnessing his changed demeanor. Inmates need love and biblical materials to learn His Word without condemnation. Eric desires to spread the Gospel and remain faithful to Christ upon release. He prays to reconcile with his family and find a job to sustain them.

“Pray for my release and resources to fulfill my purpose,” he says. He thanks Bible League for their unlimited care for prisoners. “Continue donating God’s Word in prison; it’s the only tool that rehabilitates and reintegrates prisoners into society.”