Jakka Rao Walking Podcast

Pastor Jakkarao’s village in southern India is dotted by mango, tamarind, and coconut trees. It’s also filled with orphans, widows, and people in severe need. He, his family, and his congregation work tirelessly to serve the needs of the Koya tribe. They are pointing them to the hope of the Gospel with help from Bible League International.

As Pastor Jakkarao’s story unfolds, you’ll learn that his father, as a young man, was taunted by users of black magic; how new believers were baptized in an unconventional manner; and the way in which a farmer’s goats were saved by a simple prayer. It’s all part of the wonderful story shared by host Michael Woolworth and his guest, Bobby (name withheld for security purposes) on The Word in Action Podcast from Bible League International.

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