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More than half the population of Africa is under the age of 25. Despite overwhelming poverty, drought, and political instability, God’s Church is growing here especially among children. New ministry strategies are reaching school-aged children in their classrooms including Bible-based Literacy designed specifically for kids without educational opportunities. In prisons, wardens and inmates are hearing how much God loves them. Thousands of men, women, youth, and children are being engaged in the Word of God.

Ministry in Africa
Stories from the Field
Standing Strong Amidst Opposition
Efrem comes from a strict Coptic Orthodox background
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Ministry Story
23 July 2021
Created for a Purpose
Dorothy is a 13-year-old girl from Malaliya, Zimbabwe.
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Ministry Story
16 July 2021
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God’s Church continues to grow in Africa, despite the daily challenges people face; yet there is still room for growth across the continent.

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