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Ministry in Latin America

As people in Latin America face daily tragedies of violence, illegal drug use, imprisonment, gangs, and poverty, the Gospel offers hope for many in this region. Biblical resources and training will empower those living in remote areas in the mountains as well as those struggling to survive in barrios to engage their communities in God’s Word. With more than a quarter of the population under the age of 15, sharing God’s love with children and youth is vital in creating a brighter future for Latin America. Engaging children, youth, women, men, and prisoners in God’s Word will bring hope to the hopeless and strengthen those who are often powerless.

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Ministry in Latin America
Stories from the Field
The Light of the Gospel
Rebecca’s life in Paraguay is peaceful. Every morning,
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Ministry Story
21 November 2023
Impacting Venezuela with the Gospel
In her deepest misery, God arranged for Ninoska
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Ministry Story
10 July 2023
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Latin Americans face daily struggles with violence, poverty, drug use, imprisonment and so much more. The Gospel offers the hope people in this area are desperate to find. Your gift will empower people across Latin America to learn the Gospel and share it with their communities.

Your gift today will directly impact people in Latin America. Your gift will change individuals, families, and communities.