India1A freak accident led Shantha to lose sight in both his eyes in his childhood years. He recalls, “My father took me to many hospitals to treat my eyes. Doctors told him that it was impossible to regain sight.”

Blindness left Shantha in total despair. He was unable to go to school, and his world completely changed. He felt disdain from his relatives about his disability. He notes, “People are not very accommodating of blind people.”

Today, he gets a meager monthly pension that helps him to make ends meet in his small village in southern India. Many disabled people have no choice but to live off this small pension. They are either left to fend for themselves or left in foster homes. Shantha explains, “I’m currently living with my 80-year-old mother.”

When he was younger, a group of believers came to the village to show the Jesus Film. He says, “The local pastor encouraged me. I wanted to know more about God.” After many years, God answered Shantha’s prayers and hopes of knowing more about God. Recently, he received one of Bible League’s Audio Bibles. He beams, “I have been praying for such a Bible. But I thought that it would be expensive and only available in big cities. How could I ever get it or buy it in our village?”

Shantha believes God sent this Audio Bible to his doorstep. He is incredibly grateful for it and knows it has changed his life forever. He smiles, “Thank you! I’m so happy about this gift. Many people like me will be blessed by this Bible. I cannot explain how joyful I am to receive it. I listen to it every day. God has given me hope.”