Terry CopyTerry and her husband, Ezequiel, are joyfully living out their faith in the mostly Hispanic community of Williams, California. Ezequiel has only been a believer for about three years, but the energetic couple is proof God is working in the hearts of people of all ages. Terry notes, “I am 70 and my husband is 75. God doesn’t care how old you are. He wants you saved.”

Each week, the couple works at the local flea market. Their table was right behind Rosa’s table—a Christian woman doing ministry in the flea market. Terry notes, “When we were working, we would listen to her praying for people.”

Terry believed in Jesus, but her faith wasn’t very strong. She notes, “When I listened to Rosa pray, it stirred something in my heart. One day, while I was working at the flea market, God told me to kneel, and I began praying.”

Soon after, Terry’s friend invited her to church. When she and her husband arrived, they were surprised to see a familiar face—Rosa. She says excitedly, “I came, and I saw Rosa! I said, ‘My goodness, it’s the lady from the flea market.’”

Since then, Terry and Ezequiel have been going to Iglesia Sinai. Terry can’t keep from smiling as she says, “I feel God wanted us at this church. We have been very, very happy here. I 100% feel like my faith has grown since being at this church. Every week, I’m excited to go. Every minute feels like heaven to me.”

Recently, Terry and Ezequiel attended a Project Philip Bible study training at Rosa’s church. They are looking forward to putting into action what they learned. Terry explains, “The training was beautiful. Sometimes you need to learn a better way to do things, and that’s what the training was for us. This has made my life and my husband’s life clearer. Now, we can work better outside of the church.”

E+rosa Ezequiel greets his church leader, Rosa, during the Project Philip Bible study training.