Colombia CropAt 16 years old, Oscar had all the freedom a teen could ever want in Ibagué, Colombia. But as he hung out on the streets with his friends, he soon began using marijuana and cocaine. Eventually, his life was consumed by drugs. He recalls, “I lost my family, everything I had.” Even his physical appearance deteriorated. “I ended up sleeping on the streets and eating from the garbage,” Oscar explains.

After many years wasting away in his addiction, Oscar’s mom decided to get the now 32-year-old man into rehab. Today, he is still in the facility, learning how to clean up his life. Part of the rehab program involves attending a Bible League Project Philip Bible study each day.

When Oscar first arrived at rehab, he knew nothing about God’s Word. But today he has a new life in Christ. He says with a smile, “I met Christ through the Project Philip Bible study. Thanks to the Gospel of John study, I learned about being born again and obeying God’s Word. Following Christ is something very beautiful.”

Learning about how he could be born again was so important to Oscar because he was ruining his life in his old ways. He notes, “To be born again is to bury that old man, not to go back to what I did before, not to return to that environment. That is why I have made a radical decision in my heart. It is about a new lifestyle with the help and power of God.”

Today, his heart is full of true peace and joy, which drugs could never give him.