Bangladesh CropIn many ways, Eshita looks like a typical 14-year-old girl from southwestern Bangladesh. However, unlike many in this Muslim-majority country, she is growing up in a Christian family. But over the years, Eshita struggled to follow Jesus
with her whole heart. She explains, “Although I went to church, I didn’t have a Christian life and struggled with jealousy and my temper. I didn’t have peace. My heart was troubled.”

Filled with peace

But then her pastor began using Project Philip Bible studies at church, and they made a big difference in her life. Eshita explains, “The Bible study booklet helped me to think more about life and God. I knew that God was working in me, removing my rebellious attitude. As I read and studied the Bible and prayed to Jesus every day, I felt God guiding my life.” Then, she sensed God filling her troubled heart with His peace.

Sharing hope with others

Today, Eshita knows God’s Word can help so many other people her age. She says, “The lifestyle of the youth in our village isn’t good. Many are addicted to drinking and other bad habits. I believe the Word of God is very necessary for them.” Now, Eshita loves sharing her experience of how God’s Word has changed her life with other young people in the area. She beams, “We have had many of our youth come to know Jesus through Project Philip Bible studies. That encouraged me to share God’s Word as I saw their lives change. I have helped and prayed with my friends who struggled with sin. I was very familiar with their struggles and counseled them in God’s Word. Though they haven’t come to church yet, I am happy that God is working in their lives.” Please pray with Eshita that her friends will give their lives to Jesus soon.