Indonesia Pp 0921 7Urundupi village is located on one of the hills surrounding Manokwari City, West Papua. There is only one road leading to and from this village and no public transportation, making it difficult for people to get to the city. The one road, however, is a shortcut for cars and trucks making deliveries. But it’s also a place where local young people will block the route to demand money, often threatening drivers with violence and weapons. They also don’t hesitate to steal from their parents and throw rocks at their own houses if they don’t get what they want.

Last fall, Mrs. Frida, a Bible League-trained Christian, began coming to this village every weekend to lead Project Philip Bible studies for adults and children. She also trained some of the local young mothers to assist her and continue her ministry in that village.

With tears in her eyes, she shares that there were no Bibles available when she first arrived.  Precious brothers and sisters in Christ did not have the one thing so vital to their Christian faith. Mrs. Frida helped them study the Gospel of John and, as they finished the five-week study, she gave each one of them a Bible—even the children. Now, villagers cherish their Bibles, and they want to keep reading.

To have their Bibles is one thing, but to see what happened next is another. Slowly but surely, parents started to see changes in the lives of their young ones. One gentleman said that young people no longer hang out and drink every night. They even stopped attacking those who pass by; instead, the young people now give friendly smiles. The parents said that the children are better behaved, and they said that it was because of the Bible stories they learned.

The entire village of Urundupi has been transformed because of the power of God’s Word.