Venezuela CropEdy is a Bible League-trained pastor sharing the Gospel with dozens of kids ages 7-13 in his community of Barquisimeto in Venezuela. He notes, “With Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies, we are working with kids who are without the care of their parents. Many of their parents have had to emigrate and look for a better life as they try to support their children here in Venezuela.”

One of the kids who Pastor Edy is reaching is 12-year-old Estefany. At home, she lives with her mother, two sisters, grandmother, and two uncles. Like many who struggle with the ongoing crises in Venezuela, Estefany’s family lives in extreme poverty. But through Pastor Edy’s Bible study, Estefany has been able to find hope in God’s Word. She has been going to Pastor Edy’s group since she was eight years old. It’s been a place of comfort for her. She says, “About four years ago, I started to study the Bible and the Project Philip Bible study booklet for children. There, I learned that we have to respect others.”

This girl’s already difficult life in Venezuela has only been made worse by the pandemic. Estefany hasn’t been able to go to school over the last year. Since most of the children at her school don’t have internet or power, it’s not possible or realistic for them to do virtual school. Estefany explains, “In our house, we have to collect water each Sunday as we don’t have drinking water at home. We always have to pick it up weekly. We don’t have natural gas either. And the power is very intermittent. It goes and comes back every so often.”

Despite her daily hardships, Estefany is still inspired by Jesus and His Word. She says, “Jesus is my Savior. God has helped me to be more respectful with my family now. Thank you for the materials and the studies. I feel so thankful!”

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