Portrait Of Shakira, Who After Her Conversion Changed Her Name To Magdalena.Magdalena has no trouble describing her life in Tanzania before knowing Christ. She recalls, “I was taught in Islamic school to trust no other religion. Instead, I trusted in evil spirits.” When those spirits possessed her, there was no one to help her. Her husband also experienced possession by spirits. About five years ago, he passed away, leaving her with three children.

When a Bible League-trained Christian visited her after she lost her sister-in-law, Magdalena heard the Good News for the first time. The pastor taught her to pray and led her to accept Christ. Now, she joyfully testifies, “I have a new life in Him! There is no fear in me anymore.”

Her heart was incredibly moved by her experience of being transformed. Instead of putting her faith in Islam, witchcraft, and evil spirits, she now leads her house in serving the Lord. “I trust that the old things are passed away, and all things are becoming new. I’m a winner with Jesus,” she declares.

To celebrate her incredible transformation, she changed her given Islamic name, Shakira, for her new name, Magdalena.

When she joined Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies, she was amazed to hear about how God works to help His people. She testifies, “I’ve experienced Jesus’ love calling through those books.”

Today, Magdalena is excited to reach people in her daily life with Christ’s love. Sometimes, old friends try to convince her to return to Islam, but she responds, “It didn’t help me in my troubles.” Her heart is full of hope and joy. She smiles, “We are happier than ever before.”