Zipporah With Her Gold Youth BibleZipporah, a 12-year-old student in Kenya, felt lost. In July of 2020, her mother abandoned the family, leaving Zipporah and her two brothers with their father.

“I was hopeless regarding the situation at home,” she says. Her family lives in poverty–most families in her community depend on livestock and farming for income, which isn’t always reliable. The family was barely able to cover the children’s school fees. “Seeing my father struggle to put food on our table and having my mother abandon us troubled me and caused me so much sadness,” she says.

In school, Zipporah and her older brother began studying God’s Word through a Bible League Project Philip Bible study, and it changed her outlook on life. Both siblings gave their lives to Christ. “Before I joined the program, I was hopeless regarding the situation at home,” she remembers. “As I read the Bible study book, I learned I could talk to God because He is near, and I can wait on Him.”

She graduated from the study, and now has her very own Bible. “This was the first time I’d ever had a complete Bible,” she says. She had a copy of the New Testament to read, but only heard about Old Testament stories at church and in school.

As their faith strengthened, Zipporah and her brother began praying for their family and praying for their mother’s return. And, in April 2021, their mother came home.

“My mum came back home this April, which has brought so much joy to our family,” she beams. “My brother and I introduced Project Philip at home where we translate the Word of God into our local language for our parents.” The Lord moved in her parents’ hearts, and they both gave their lives to Christ. Now, Zipporah’s entire family attends church together. Praise God!

Zipporah has learned to rely on prayer in every situation. “I am specifically waiting on God to open financial doors for my father to pay our [school] fees. It has brought me so much happiness, peace, and joy knowing God is my help. I have so much hope in God today, and this has helped me increase my commitment to God and my local church,” she says.

“My mother now takes care of us, which has reduced the burden of house chores on us, leaving my brother and me with enough time to concentrate on our studies,” she says. “I am filled with joy knowing that God has heard my prayers!”