Sangbu standingSangbu lives with his wife and three children in central Nepal, where he works as a day laborer. Recently he had the opportunity to join an English Bible-based Literacy class, which really made a difference in his life. He explains, “I wanted to learn reading and writing and more about the Bible. I was nervous at first, but now I feel different.”

Sangbu had heard a lot about Jesus over the years, but this was the first time he could read and understand for himself who Jesus is and what He had done for his life. Sangbu says, “I am happy to read the Bible. I see that Christ is the Creator and my Savior. The class has changed my family and marriage for the better.”

Now, he encourages his wife and parents to learn to read and write in English, too. Through the class, Sangbu put his faith in Christ. His life is much different since Jesus came into it. He says with a smile, “I have found peace, and I’m happy for what God has done in my life.”

Sangbu believes that God is calling him to share the Word of God in his village, as many there don’t know Jesus. He notes, “God saved me to tell others about Him. I plan to share the Gospel with everyone in the coming days.”

Today, he is in a Project Philip Bible study with six others. He says, “Thank you for providing me with the Bible and materials. It has made a big difference in my life. You have taught me how to live a joyful life in loving others.”