Taz CropRhoda grew up as a third child in Tanzania. Her mother was divorced before she was born. She later remarried, hoping it would help her overcome challenges. Unfortunately, things turned sour as that marriage did not last. As a result, Rhoda grew up without a father figure.

“My mother tried to work in tea factories to feed our family of three children. Life was so hard that we did not get a good education. I left school in grade four even though I could read and write. And at the age of 17, I was obliged to get married to Reuben in hope for a better life.”

After Rhoda became pregnant, problems began to plague her. “My husband was an orphan and lived in a small hut owned by his deceased parents,” she says. “We began our new life there, and though he was a hard worker, he also abused alcohol and drugs.”

After having more children, Jesus saved Rhoda through the witness of a Christian neighbor.

“At that time, Bible League’s East Africa Regional Director, sister Lillian, came to Tanzania to introduce Bible League. I told my husband Reuben that members were going to receive Bibles for free. He joined one group meeting near our home. From there, he started attending church, repented, and got baptized. Now he is a member of Sirari Church.”

Rhoda’s husband was irresponsible before salvation. “As a drunkard, sometimes he did not even sleep at home, and our marriage was affected. But after salvation, he changed, and joy returned to our family. Praise Jesus! He has constructed a permanent house where we live in peace and love,” she assures.

“I joined Bible League’s Project Philip Bible study program because I was hopeless and was trusting God to save my husband. We were happy after experiencing Christian love from God’s people. The Project Philip training helped us grow and become mature. We know God more by reading and through Bible studies.

“We are celebrating Jesus in our lives and peace in our marriage. Before, my husband came home angry and drunk. It caused many quarrels and no peace in the family. Now we can sing and praise God together. We thank God for the people who sacrificially provide books and Bibles to help the lost and meet all spiritual needs. May God multiply all who give generously to change the world!”