Blessing receiving a bookBlessing is the firstborn in his family of five in Zimbabwe. His parents are farmers and the family makes a living by selling produce. Blessing is currently a university student, but he helps out on the farm and with his younger siblings during the pandemic.

He and his family members attend a local church where they were introduced to Project Philip Bible studies. “My life changed completely as we went through the lessons and discussions,” he says. He learned so many of the promises of God, that Jesus will always be with us, that He is the Truth and the Way to salvation. “I felt God’s love instantly and I was very much relieved,” he says.

The family participated in the studies together in their home and they completed them in just three weeks. They were all excited to receive their certificates and Bibles. Blessing is motivated and excited to continue to live for the Lord. “Knowing that my body is the temple of the Lord and He stays in me makes me feel blessed knowing that I will never let Him go.”

The Project Philip Bible studies helped Blessing understand the Word so he can now share it in his community. “I now feel the urge to share the Word of God with my peers. I have started sharing this program with my friends,” he says. “The Word of God is living and I know that it will help my age group. As a family, we now conduct Bible study lessons, which has also helped us to bring unity among the family. Thank you, Bible League. Surely the Lord has lifted me higher this year.”