South Africa Pp 0621 01Modise, 46, was working in a mining town in South Africa’s North West Province when he tragically lost his sight. He and his estranged wife have an 18-year-old son, but his alcoholism has caused problems in all of his relationships. “My siblings chased me out of our late parents’ home because of my heavy drinking. I was a burden to them due to my blindness. Now, I live with my friends in the neighborhood,” he says sorrowfully.

Modise came from a family that mixed Christian beliefs with African traditional religions. He lived on a government social grant and squandered his earnings on alcohol, leaving him barely able to buy food or clothes.

“My dreams were shattered, and I was a laughing stock in my family. I moved away from the church and anything to deal with the Christian faith,” he confesses. His life started to change when he met Mrs. Tau, a Bible League-trained Bible study leader. “When I was drinking with my friends, she would come into the tavern and invite us for Bible study. That is when I decided to come back to the Lord. She encouraged me to attend the Bible study and go to church.”

God delivered him from his addiction. “I quit drinking and was determined to work for God. I realized that without Jesus, I was a failure. As I evaluate my life by reflecting on my past and listening and sharing during the Bible study meetings, I see my life taking a new turn. I remain hopeful and believe that God is doing something new in my life.”

Today, while he prays for an Audio Bible, Modise depends on Mrs. Tau to read the Bible to him. She asks questions, and he answers. “Mrs. Tau teaches me with such love and simplicity. She takes the time to explain everything in detail. Through our weekly meetings, I enjoy being in the presence of God. When we meet, it gives me a feeling of completeness and fulfillment. My heart overflows with joy. I have developed a passion for sharing the Word of God and what the Lord is doing for me.”