KG Banner“Our society is broken,” KG says. “There are sangomas in almost every other house in this part of Protea Glen. I’ve learned to be patient and loving with them. I know that more than anything, they need love. I understand them and can tell them about God because God is love.”

KG is a former sangoma, or traditional healer.

People in her community worship ancestors, practice witchcraft, and sacrifice animals. KG relates to them because for so long, she was just like them. She doesn’t want to see their lives destroyed like hers almost was. She wants them to know the truth of Christ. Not a half truth. Not a tainted version of the Gospel. She wants them to know the real truth.

See, KG was a traditional healer inside of a church.

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Often in this community, the beliefs of Christianity are mixed with ancestral or traditional religions. KG healed sicknesses, blessed cars, released people from curses, and more. But deep down, she always felt like she was suffocating. Confused and uneasy, she began delving deeper into God’s Word with help from other believers, believers who followed the leading of the Holy Spirit rather than ancestral spirits.

And her life changed.

At one point, she was called to participate in a ritual to advance her dark powers. She would need to drink the blood of a goat while it was being slaughtered. Thank God that the Holy Spirit gripped her heart. KG refused, crying out, “The blood of Christ shed at Calvary is all I need! I choose Christ!”

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Today, KG is passionately sharing the Gospel across her community in South Africa. All around her, she sees the darkness. She sees people practicing witchcraft, sacrificing animals, living in drug-infested neighborhoods. She sees the need for God’s Word here and she knows the power only His Word holds.

When people like KG learn the truth of the Gospel, that Jesus is the only way, their lives are changed.