Mexico Pp 02162021 11Brother Luis works with children as an elementary school teacher in Huejutla, Mexico. He recently attended a Bible League Project Philip workshop for children.

“The program would provide biblical truths and draw the children closer to God in a practical, creative, and fun way. I started a children’s Bible study group because I have a passion for teaching children. We are in lesson four in the Discovery 1 booklet. The lesson teaches about knowing the love of God. My vision is to establish children Bible study groups in different localities throughout Huejutla,” he affirms.

As a teacher, brother Luis desires to pass along knowledge, values, and norms essential for the progress of society. “Thankfully, I can count on my wife’s help on this project. And with God’s help, we can put together the children’s ministry for more children to learn about Jesus Christ and give their lives to Him. The Project Philip Bible study program impacted me because it is founded on the Word of God. I gained understanding on the importance of availing God’s Word to people and letting the Holy Spirit transform their lives.”

Brother Luis also took over a Project Philip Bible study for adults. His prayer is that the participants will encounter Christ, and more people will join the group. Let us pray that the work brother Luis is doing bears fruit—and that he continues to share biblical truths with children and adults alike. Pray, too, that his vision to open more groups for children and adults comes to fruition with the help of the Holy Spirit.