Nepal CropDilu helps his parents on their poultry farm in western Nepal. The young boy is the only Christian in his family. He began attending church with his neighbor and enjoyed the Sunday school classes and the songs.

One day at church, Dilu heard there was an opportunity to join a Bible League Bible-based Literacy class. “I am a student in a government school,” he says. “They do not teach English, so I was very upset that I could not speak or learn English. I did not have any books in English. This is why I’m very happy to be a part of Bible-based Literacy.”

He can already tell a difference in his confidence. “I think reading and writing is really important in life because we get better opportunities,” he says. “After being a part of the class, I can already feel the difference. I’m more confident to face my friends. I can speak English, and I have better marks than my friends studying in the same school.”

Dilu’s knowledge of Jesus has also grown. He knew some things from attending church with his neighbor, but he grew closer to God during his class. “Through the Bible-based Literacy class, I know Jesus is my Savior, and He loves us very much and sacrificed Himself to save us from sins.”

His family is opposed to his new faith, even though they are happy to see the changes in his behavior. His brother is also in the literacy class. “I am praying for my family and my spiritual growth,” he says. “I want to study and live a happy life. I want to follow God’s Word. I feel I have to evangelize to my family, my friends, and my society.”