YohannaAcross the Callao area near the coast of Peru, children and youth are excited to learn about Jesus. Yohanna, 13, was raised in a Christian family. Her parents are both pastors and have passed down their love of teaching God’s Word. Now, Yohanna is leading several children in Project Philip Bible studies.

She and her parents have organized interactive activities to keep kids engaged when learning the Word of God. Many of the children in this area live in poverty, so reaching them with the Gospel is difficult. But Yohanna and her family are determined, even through the pandemic.

“During COVID-19, it has been difficult to continue in the studies,” she says. “We continued to follow up on the children [via video conferencing and chat] to continue the workshops.”

Yohanna’s younger brother, Ivan, is also involved in the ministry. He has struggled through the pandemic but continues to study God’s Word. “Last year we went virtual, and I didn’t like that very much,” he says. “I miss my friends.” He recently completed Bible League’s Project Philip for Children. “Jesus is our Lord and Savior. We must put all we read into practice in real life,” he says.

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Pastor Ivan, Yohanna and Ivan’s father, knows that reaching kids in this area is vital to changing the community. “Many of these kids have parents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol,” he says. “They are highly motivated when they finish the Project Philip Bible studies. Sometimes their parents come with them to the ceremony and it’s at that moment—which is so important to the kids—the parents become involved, little by little. This is how we start sharing the Gospel with adults.”

These children are impacted by the Gospel at all ages. Ivan’s friend Willy has been attending the church for more than two years. “I like very much to dance for the Lord and study Project Philip,” he says. Two-year-old Dairin has already been influenced by the Word of God. “Jesus is our Savior, our God and Father,” she proclaims. She loves the dynamic activities and games that teach her more about Jesus.

Children around Peru and across all Latin America are being transformed by the Word of God. From toddlerhood to young adult, this next generation is desperate for the message of the Gospel!

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