Chile2As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, a church in Junco, Chile, had to find new ways to share the Gospel with children in their Sunday school. Though there were new obstacles to overcome, a Zoom Bible study has made it possible for the kids to continue learning about Jesus through Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies for children.

There are six kids who currently attend the Zoom Sunday school, including Ámbar. Attending church is very important to her. God is working in her life and in the lives of the other children as they study the lessons together. She notes, “Jesus is our Lord, and He died on the cross for us.”

Through the Bible study, the kids have learned to show love and respect to one another and others. They are so grateful for the Bibles and materials that they received through the study. One of the boys beams, “Thank you! Many kids do not have the opportunity to know God.”

Though they long to be together again, the children know that they must stay socially distanced to keep everyone in their community safe. Ámbar explains, “COVID-19 has been so ugly because so many people have died. I pray for the sick and the people that have difficulties in this moment.”

Please join Ámbar and the other young ones in praying for the pandemic to end. May God’s Word give them hope and comfort as they endure this this sickness and other hardships. Pray for their faith to grow strong as they keep studying the Word of God.