See Attached StoryKarol’s a teenage girl from Yaritagua, in northwestern Venezuela. She attends church with her parents, brother, and grandfather. She felt empty and without love. “I felt alone without anything or anyone. I was a very bitter person, my relationship with my parents was never good,” she says.

During the pandemic, she learned more about Christ and accepted Him as Savior. She became a different person from that moment, and her life began to take another course. Her parents learned about God, too, and started going to church, but she didn’t like getting up early. Still, when Karol went to church, she was struck by how the pastors conducted the services, so she stayed.

Her desire to know Jesus began to grow significantly. She began participating in Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies and enjoyed the topics. After completing the Bible study, Karol received her first copy of God’s Word. She was so happy to read her own copy instead of reading it digitally. She fell more in love with Jesus, and His Word changed her life and her parents’ lives for the better. It was then that her relationship with her family began to improve considerably.

Although Karol never lacked materially, she felt that her family lacked love. They fought frequently, and there was an atmosphere of hostility. She desired a healthy and trusting relationship with her parents. She cried bitterly to God in prayer, asking why she had such parents. Instead, she felt convicted and asked God for forgiveness for being ungrateful.

Amid the chaos, Karol witnessed the power of God at home. He rescued her family through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. He helped them overcome their challenges, and now they’re happy. “We have all changed; we are not the same. I am calm and at peace because I have Jesus in my heart. He changed everything and ended the suffering and fights in my family,” she notes.

She trusts in the Lord and hopes that her brother will one day join the church and experience the salvation she found in Jesus. She prays fervently for her best friend, who is Catholic and devoted to images and saints. Bible League’s touching many lives and restoring peace in homes like that of Karol and her family.

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