Bangladesh CropNichael is passionate about reaching the Chakma community in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in southeastern Bangladesh. They are the largest ethnic group in the country. “In my village, everyone practices Buddhism, including my parents and other family members,” says the 22-year-old.

Nichael has religiously observed all the tenets of Buddhism since childhood. “Before I knew Jesus Christ, I practiced all the rituals that Buddha wanted us to observe. My parents were very strict with religion. Every week I would go to worship, where people sacrificed animals for their sins.” The Chakmas are an eclectic mix of Buddhism and Hinduism.

Nichael’s life changed when his best friend introduced him to Bible League’s Project Philip Bible study. “I learned I needed forgiveness for my sins and that Jesus is the only way to heaven,” he says. These were distinctive truths that he studied from John’s Gospel. He surrendered his life to Jesus and decided to share these truths with the village community.

Many hardships followed. His parents opposed him but not for long. He feared the village people, who might not be as accommodating as his parents. God was working behind the scenes with his parents and the villagers. A prayer meeting at his house softened his parents.

“Now, my parents don’t stop me from going to church. My village people do not know I am a believer, but I am ready to suffer for my faith. I believe God has chosen me to serve the people in my region,” he says boldly.

Today, Nichael believes God has saved him for a reason – to reach his community with the Gospel of Jesus. He says, “I desire to preach the Good News to the unreached people in my village. My dream is to be an influential evangelist. I’m glad I know the way of truth; as Jesus said, ‘I’m the way, the truth, and the life.'”

He thanks everyone for teaching God’s Word and supporting him in prayer. Hopeful for the future, Nichael looks forward to doing the work of an evangelist among the Chakma people group. He prays that the village will know the true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.