Neziha standing holding a bookNeziha is a 67-year-old widow living in Albania. She grew up Muslim but came to lose faith. She explains, “I did not believe in God because I grew up in a dictatorial, atheist system.”

After Yugoslavia’s communist system fell in the 1990s, she decided to resume her practice of Islam, but grief caused her to lose faith again. Her husband died, leaving her with four children to raise on her own. “When my husband died, he left me with many difficulties,” she says softly. “I tried to dedicate myself to my religion, but I felt empty and lonely.”

Not long after this, one of her children died by his own hand. He took his life after falling into severe depression. Now, Neziha was raising his children as well. Her despair grew worse. One of her friends encouraged her to attend a Project Philip Bible study with her.

“She was telling me how lovely the people are there, and she spoke to me about a God who loves us,” Neziha says. “I told her that no one loves me, that I felt abandoned by God Himself. On her face, however, I saw joy, even though I knew she had many problems herself.”

She decided to go. “During the first meeting, their smiles and the love they showed surprised me,” Neziha confesses. “Soon, I was participating, and I learned how God created the world. Then, I learned about the love of God, about Jesus as the solution to our problems, and about sin. I decided to repent and accept Jesus in my heart. I received a Bible and started reading it. Every time I read the Bible, I find the Comforter of my life, and I forget my problems. The Bible is my best friend. It is the book of life. It is my daily bread. The Bible gave me life! Thank you so much for giving me the Bible for free. God bless you!”