Enews StorySimon has led an interesting life in his 79 years in Chapeta, Zimbabwe. He grew up in a polygamous family of 19 children. His mother was the second wife. His father, a farmer, worked hard to put food on the table for his large family. Simon was able to attend school for many years, and his parents taught him to work hard. He recalls, “During school holidays, we worked on the farms to raise money for school fees.”

Simon’s family also followed the traditional religion where they appeased their ancestors. After he grew up, he worked in government for many years. He married and had eight children with his wife. Now they have 15 grandchildren.

About 15 years ago, he gave his life to Christ when his wife became ill. But when the lockdown happened due to the pandemic, Simon discovered a new way to learn more about Christ. During the pandemic, a believer visited Simon’s home and told them about Bible League’s Project Philip program. Since then, Simon has been studying God’s Word with his family.

He says, “It was encouraging to be part of the Project Philip Bible study lessons. Even though I was a Christian, this was my first opportunity to be part of Bible study lessons after being born again.” The Bible study has helped him to grow in his faith. He notes, “I have learned a lot and wish to pass it on. I felt more hunger for the Word of God and the zeal to know more of God increased.”

Simon continues, “My life totally changed from an unequipped to an equipped Christian. I now teach my grandchildren the Word of God. At home, as a family, Project Philip is building us in our faith. I discovered that the Word of God is new each and every day and that’s why we need it always. Even though I am now old, I realized I should always read the Bible. The Project Philip materials made this possible for me.”