Zimbabwe StorycropLast year, both of Egnes’s parents died. Both were sick for a while, but it’s still been hard for the 12-year-old to accept. She and her brother were separated, each living with different uncles who have accepted them into their families in different villages in Zimbabwe.

In the midst of her grief, Egnes saw a ray of hope. A local minister was evangelizing in her new village and introduced her to Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies. Her uncle encouraged her to join with her cousins. “The booklets give me comfort from the loss of my parents,” she says. “I am happy and revived with God’s Word.”

The Project Philip lessons have also given Egnes a sense of hope. “The chapter Growing in Christ touched me very much,” she says. “I learned that everything that has life grows until it reaches maturity and bears fruit. I am looking forward to bearing good fruits in my life.”

Because of her grief, Egnes was isolating herself but now she’s an engaged member of her family. She was feeling resentment, but now she’s found a sense of belonging and peace.

“I do not want my situation to control my future,” she says. “With the Word of God in my hands, I want to do the best in my life. I am feeling the love of God again and appreciate my present family.”

She continues, “I learned that I have to keep the fire within me burning and impact those around me. The Bible League materials are good for me because I can share them with my friends and they are easy to understand. I am so happy I now have a personal copy of the Bible for free. This is my weapon as a child of God, and I will read it every day of my life.”