Nani holding a bookNani is a young girl—only 10 years old—who lives a hard life in northern India. Her parents are very poor and work in the fields of a farm. Like many other children and teens in this country, Nani and her four siblings had to quit school because of the struggles at home. Now, they work in the fields, too.

The family often doesn’t have food to eat. Sadly, Nani’s father drinks too much and spends his money on alcohol. He doesn’t take care of the family and hurts them when he is angry. Though much of Nani’s life can seem bleak, it brightened recently when she heard about a Bible-based Literacy class in her village. She explains, “I had a desire to continue my studies, but I had to work in the field. That’s when I heard about a literacy class in my village.”

Soon, she joined the class, and it has helped her to have joy in her life, even though it’s still difficult. She notes, “I love the activities that we do and the lessons that I have learned. I feel happy now because I can read Hindi. I love the stories. In every class, we learn a new story and a Bible verse.”

Though Nani hasn’t had much opportunity to be a 10-year-old, she now is able to go to church and Sunday school to learn more about Jesus and have fun with kids her own age. Please pray for Nani as she continues to experience a difficult home life, especially with her dad. Pray that God and His Word will bring peace and hope to her whole family.