Judith Standing Outside With Her BibleJudith is a new believer from N’gombe, Zambia. Though she attended church regularly, she didn’t know God. At 16, she began abusing drugs and alcohol. One day, as she walked home from a bar, a bus full of Christians gave her a ride and shared the Gospel. Despite their kind words, she didn’t respond, but kept quiet.

Years after that bus encounter, her substance abuse escalated. She hit rock bottom and needed help but had nowhere to turn. “I cried to the Lord for help, and that is how I went to a Project Philip Bible study. Eventually, through studying the Word of God with friends, I found freedom from all drugs.”

Today she’s forgiven and praises God for changing her life. Judith realized she was on a wrong path that would have led her to eternal death, according to Romans 6:23. God saved her from the grip of hell, and she’s glad to share about her past and new life. She now has three beautiful children and a God-fearing husband.

But amidst all the goodness, she didn’t escape backlash for her conversion. She experienced opposition from her family because of the newfound faith and moving from her former church to the new church she now attends.

Her transformation is undeniable, and her addiction days are behind her. She shares that she often was tardy at work and sometimes was absent due to her lifestyle. Now her bosses appreciate her because of her punctuality and commitment at work. “My husband is proud of me, too, because I stopped using drugs and gained interest in Bible studies,” she says.

Judith believes in God’s power to change people. He’s the one who keeps on transforming her into the person He wants her to be. She dreams of joining full-time ministry and singing for the Lord. Her desire is for her friends and people trapped in all sorts of addiction to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus. “It’s never too late,” she says. “God still calls all sinners to come to Him for repentance.”

Many women across the globe are benefitting from the generosity of Bible League donors. The gift of God’s Word that friends like you provide changed Judith’s life. Their gratitude embodies their dedication to transformation. Pray for the Lord to continually touch lives through His Word.