Sud CropStrict traditions prevented Tabitha from schooling. “As a girl, I had to be trained well in housekeeping,” she recalls. “I would be a disgrace to my father’s family if I couldn’t care for my husband and in-laws.”

In addition, being the last born of her parents, Tabitha was assigned to look after her sick mother. “She passed away when I was 12,” Tabitha says. “Not long after, my father also died.”

Grief marked the young woman’s life. “My husband and I had five children, but the Lord took two of them. Then, my dear husband passed away due to an unknown illness, leaving me with the care of three children and no one to depend on.”

Tabitha doesn’t have a regular job but seeks to make a living by selling food items and vegetables at a small market in  South Sudan. Instead of sinking into despair, Tabitha’s challenges incited her to seek the face of God.

“I decided to join the Anglican Church of St. Paul, where I still worship,” she says. The priest of St. Paul’s happened to be a partner of Bible League, and when he announced the Bible-based Literacy program in his church, Tabitha eagerly enrolled.

“I was thrilled about this opportunity to improve my life and knowledge,” she recalls. “Through the literacy class, I’ve transformed both spiritually and physically. I’m learning to understand the will of God and can now write my name and read the English easy-to-read Bible alone.”

The literacy program opened Tabitha’s eyes to following Jesus and helped her understand God’s Word. “It’s giving me a solid foundation to share the Good News of Christ with others,” she rejoices.

Through the Bible lessons, Tabitha learned to submit the hardships of her life into the Lord’s hands. She acknowledges she can’t make a living without God’s assistance. “Pray for me as a widow in such dire economic circumstances,” she asks, “so that God will give growth to my business to pay my children’s school fees.” Then, with a smile, she adds, “Thank you for the privilege of partaking in these classes; thank you for your support!”