Sri Lanka CropMinusha was raised in a home that followed Mahayana Buddhism. They practiced witchcraft, sorcery, and worshipped idols. Her mother was chronically ill. She was taken to hospitals and temples, but their efforts were unsuccessful as her situation worsened.

“We fasted for many days for my mother’s healing. But she did not survive. I lost my mother when I was 13. My younger sister was three years old,” she laments. Her father could not earn a living. They struggled with poverty. They believed they would be better off if they visited their temples and got the priests’ blessings, but it didn’t work. Minusha was forced to give up her schooling and find a petty job.

At 19, Minusha suffered from an unusual ailment in her right leg. She offered sacrifices in temples, hoping she would be healed. Nothing changed. She met a friend who shared Christ with her. He invited her to church and prayed for her. She was miraculously healed!

As years passed by, Minusha backslid and stopped going to church. She lost her father in 2019. She married a man named Thulasitharan hoping for a peaceful life, but their marriage hit the rocks. They both had heated exchanges, and sometimes their arguments escalated and got physical. Minusha’s stepdaughter lived in this toxic environment watching her parents struggle and live without peace.

A Bible League-trained church planter, Gideon, approached and counseled her. He clarified her questions from the Bible and gave her the booklet “How to relate to God?” The discussion led her to come out of her sinful life. As she studied God’s Word in the prayer group, God began transforming her and her husband. Though he has not received Christ, she sees a change in her marriage already.

“I was adamant and used to criticize my husband all the time. There were quarrels due to misunderstandings. But God changed my attitude,” she says. “Please pray for his salvation. Pray that he will get a good job to meet the family’s needs.”

Her daughter Dilani is in grade seven. She reads the Bible and is eager to pray. She wants to be baptized. Minusha is happy and thankful that her daughter is growing in the Lord.

She firmly believes that the Word of God is a crucial need for their spiritual growth. “Thank you, Pastor Gideon for the booklets,” she beams.