Southsudan Lit 0321 01Benjamin grew up in a Christian family in South Sudan. But he didn’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ until he was an adult. Now, 60, Benjamin attends church regularly. That’s where he heard about Bible League International’s Arabic Bible-based Literacy ministry. After his pastor attended a Bible League training, he announced that their church was going to hold Bible-based Literacy classes.

Benjamin notes, “I saw it as an opportunity for me to learn to write and read Arabic. In our region, Arabic is the basic language in daily activities.” Previously, Benjamin wasn’t willing to learn Arabic because he felt it was the language of the people of Sudan. He saw them as his enemies because they mistreated people from South Sudan. Benjamin also saw Arabic as the language of Islam. He recalls, “Even though I was not a Christian, I hated Islam as it was the religion of Sudan, our enemy.”

But when South Sudan became a free nation, the 60-year-old realized he’d made a big mistake of not learning Arabic. He notes, “Arabic turned out to become a part of the new nation of South Sudan, as well. So when I heard about the opportunity of joining an Arabic Bible-based Literacy class, I jumped up out of joy that filled my heart.”

After completing the Bible-based Literacy class, Benjamin can print his name for the first time in his life. He beams, “Also, I can read my Bible. I am very happy to discover new things in my life through the program you provide. You made a difference in my life. Through what I’m learning, I will encourage others in my community to join the literacy program for the benefit of themselves and the benefit of expanding the kingdom of Christ in our nation of South Sudan.”